Pet Food Bank

Even in a healthy economy, many people and animals fall through the cracks. In order to prevent animals from becoming homeless due to a shortage of financial resources on the part of their caretakers, Dakin provides pet food assistance to those in need.

How To Receive Pet Food

Most of Dakin's pet food bank deliveries happen through human service agencies. If cat or dog food would help you make ends meet and make it possible for to keep your pet in the family, one of these agencies might be able to help. Please let the staff know of your needs so that we can ensure an adequate supply of pet food.

Survival Centers and Food Pantries

Senior Centers and Meals on Wheels

Other Distribution Points

We also distribute pet food through our Springfield and Leverett adoption centers during their regular business hours. Just ask an adoption counselor for help.

How You Can Help

Much of the food distributed through Dakin's Pet Food Bank has been graciously donated by members of our community. We welcome donations of unopened bags of dry food-particularly cat food. You may deliver your donation to either of our adoption center locations.

Monetary donations to help us purchase food for distribution are also welcome. Please be sure to earmark your gift "Pet Food Bank."

We are grateful to the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts and The Amherst Club for their generous grants!