The Forever Friends Legacy Society was created to honor its members for their commitment to enhancing the lives of animals in need and the people who care about them.

Leave a Legacy of Kindness

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"As a past Board Member and Treasurer for many years, I have witnessed how Dakin has grown and increased its ability to help our communities and animals. My support and the support of others enable Dakin to provide for animals in the future." — Judy Smith

Join Judy as a Legacy Society member and ensure your lifelong passion and commitment to animal welfare by including the animals of Dakin in your will, trust, or estate plans.

We are grateful to our generous donors who remember Dakin with a legacy gift. Your support ensures our long-term financial strength and our capacity to continue to improve the lives of animals in need and those who care about them long into the future.

Notify Dakin about your legacy gift and be enrolled in our Legacy Society. You'll receive:

  • Legacy Society events and other special activities
  • a Legacy Society certificate
  • specially-designed Legacy Society lapel pin
  • Recognition and your name honored in various publications

When you step forward, others are encouraged to do the same, although you may choose to remain anonymous.

Should you name Dakin Humane Society as a beneficiary in your will or trust, we would welcome a copy of the legal document or section of the document that accompanies your gift. This can make estate administration easier when your gift is received.

Thank you for considering Dakin Humane Society through a legacy gift. Should you have any questions please contact us.

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Stacey Price

Director of Development and Marketing

(413) 781-4000 ext. 121

Legacy Giving

Your planned gift to Dakin Humane Society makes a powerful impact on our ability to maintain and expand the critically-needed programs and services for animals and the people who love them. Planned or deferred gifts can take many forms: life insurance proceeds, a portion of an estate, or income from a trust. Each type of planned gift provides unique tax benefits to you, the donor, and your beneficiaries. Planned gifts should be made with the advice of your professional counsel.

Legacies and Bequests to Dakin Humane Society

Please click here to download sample wording to share with your attorney or estate planning professional.  Dakin Humane Society's Tax ID: 205-318-898

Animal Care Provision and Pet Trusts

We recommend that you make plans to rehome your companion animals with friends or family following your passing. An animal shelter should be a last resort for the placement of surviving animals.

Should you need assistance from Dakin in placing your animal companions after your passing, you may consider the following wording: “In return for the humane care, relocation and resolution of any animal belonging to me at my death, I hereby bequeath a gift or additional gift to Dakin Humane Society, Inc., located at 171 Union Street, Springfield, MA 01105", followed by the details of the gift and any specific wishes for the animal(s).

Please note that while Dakin is able to re-home the vast majority of the animals in our care, we are unable to guarantee the placement of any animal, particularly those with histories of aggression or serious illness.

Consider speaking to your estate planner about a Pet Trust that would provide financial support for your companion animal(s) after your passing.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

If you are 70 1/2 or older, directing charitable gifts from your IRA is a uniquely powerful way to support Dakin and the causes you care about. Qualified charitable distributions are great options for making tax-free gifts to charity! Moreover, for those who are at least 72, QCDs count toward the IRA owner's required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year.

For more information, contact your financial advisor. Personal financial circumstances may vary and must be carefully considered to receive the maximum benefit from existing tax laws.

Additional Legacy Gift Options

  • Testamentary Trust

Declares that part or all of an estate be left in trust, with the income or some stated amount to be paid to one or more beneficiaries. Upon the death of the surviving beneficiaries, the principal will be paid to Dakin Humane Society.

  • A Gift through Life Insurance

Premiums on a gift of life insurance are tax-deductible if Dakin is both owner and beneficiary, and the gift is irrevocable. If the gift policy is paid up, there is an immediate tax deduction equal to the policy’s replacement value.

  • Life Estate Gifts

Life estate gifts, in which the donor conveys the remainder interest in his or her property, can be used with a residence, farm, or vacation home. The donor receives a charitable tax deduction at the time of the gift and can use the property for their life as well as the life of a spouse or partner.

  • Irrevocable Deferred Gifts

Irrevocable deferred gifts are gifts in which the donor irrevocably transfers assets so that the remainder or other interest intended for Dakin Humane Society is vested at the time of the gift. You receive a charitable deduction equal to the value computed by an IRS calculation that may be based on age or on the number of years you receive income. Types of irrevocable deferred gifts include:

  • Charitable remainder unitrusts pay the beneficiary a fixed percentage of the trust assets, valued annually. The dollar amount paid to the beneficiary depends on the performance of the trust’s investments.
  • Charitable remainder annuity trusts pay a fixed amount to the beneficiary annually, guaranteed as long as the trust has assets.
  • Charitable lead trusts allow you to combine a charitable donation with gifts to children or other family members. The lead trust pays income to Dakin for a specified number of years. At the end of the trust’s term, the principal is transferred to family members. This type of trust is often used to make intra-family asset transfers with substantial gift and estate tax savings.

Consult Your Advisors

Please consult your legal/financial counsel as you plan your gift. They can help you make the largest possible gift at the least net expense to you. Personal financial circumstances may vary and must be carefully considered to receive maximum benefit from existing tax laws.