We understand the importance of receiving prompt care when your pet is sick. Please use the resources below to determine your pet’s best option for care.


Click here for a list of veterinary hospitals in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Some hospitals cannot currently accept new patients. Please call ahead before arriving with your pet to make sure the hospital is open and able to accept patients.

Veterinary Services at Dakin

Community Spay/Neuter Clinic

The Pet Health Center at Dakin

Humane euthanasia (end of life) services



Community options

Click here for more vaccine clinics in the community

Use this tool to find a full-service vet near you

Low-Cost Veterinary Clinics:


Second Chance Animal Services (413) 739-2343

67 Mulberry St. Springfield, MA 01105

› You must meet certain criteria to qualify for low-cost veterinary services. Please visit their website for details.


Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic (508) 751-7670

1 Skyline Dr. Worcester, MA 01605

› You must meet certain criteria to qualify for veterinary services at Tufts at Tech. Please visit their website for details.

Paying for your pet's medical costs - financing options

›  Scratchpay is not a credit card but offers customized payment plans. Learn more here.

›  CareCredit is a line of medical credit. Learn more and apply for CareCredit here.

GoFundMe is a great way to ask your friends and family for help with your pet’s medical expenses. Create a personal fundraising page and share through your social media - creating a successful campaign, with great photos and stories, means you can get donations from people beyond your own circle. Learn more and set up your GoFundMe here.

Grants are hard to obtain and limited in what they cover. Most take several weeks and are not helpful in emergency situations. Each has different, very specific requirements and application processes. Read about grants by clicking here.

Bringing your pet to Dakin

If you are not able to get care for your pet, and your pet is suffering, Dakin can help. Once in Dakin’s custody, our medical team will work to figure out if your pet can be helped medically and placed in a new home. For some pets, humane euthanasia is the only option. No fee is required to leave your pet in Dakin’s care.

If you believe that humane euthanasia is the best choice for your pet, this is a service that Dakin offers pet guardians. Call 413-781-4000 to schedule a humane euthanasia appointment for your pet. We provide humane euthanasia even if the pet guardian is not able to make a donation for the service. Learn more about humane euthanasia services by clicking here.