Animal Transport Program

About the program

Dakin Humane Society first began transporting dogs from southern and midwestern states in 2003. As New England continued to successfully get animal populations under control through accessible spay/neuter services, it was soon realized there was room to help others in need. Today, Dakin works with an established network of partner shelters to transport animals from severely overpopulated shelters that would otherwise be at risk for euthanasia.

A portion of each adoption fee from transport animals is sent back to the source community to assist in building spay/neuter surgery resources and other programs that aim to control the animal population.

Why Animal Transport Matters

As the birthplace of the animal welfare movement in the United States, New England is ahead of the pack in resolving its animal overpopulation crisis. The number of healthy, friendly shelter animals is at an all-time low, and demand for adoptable animals is higher than ever before.

This is not the case everywhere. In many areas of the South and Midwest, animal shelters are still experiencing animal overpopulation. Transporting animals in New England saves lives and creates a path to loving homes for pets who are in such critical need.


Transport animals are listed on our website as soon as they are made available for adoption and often get adopted very quickly. Animal transports are not planned far in advance and we do not have information on specific animals until they are listed on our website. Visit our adoption page frequently to learn more about the animals currently looking for homes.