Dakin’s For The Animals Leadership Giving Society recognizes our most passionate and loyal friends whose invaluable support totals over $750 cumulatively in a calendar year.

Leadership Society gifts are dynamic and have the flexibility to be directed wherever they are needed most. These critical funds have an extraordinary impact on our work together and our ability to operate core programs and services including the Community Spay/Neuter Clinic, pet food aid, vaccine clinics and other public medical services, foster care, and much more.

Members receive special behind-the-scenes access and benefits to see how they are enhancing the well-being of animals in their community and improving the lives of those in need. Year after year, our Leadership Society members demonstrate a level of generosity that is truly transformative for the lives they touch. We warmly welcome you to join a compassionate community of like-minded friends who share the same commitment to animals and together believe in elevating the lives of animals and the people who love them.

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"As a life-long animal lover, I admire the work Dakin does to support pets and the people who love them. From pet food assistance programs to the spay/neuter clinic, I know our donation makes a difference to our neighbors and the entire region." —Kathy Osborne, Dakin Leadership Society member

For the Animals - Leadership Giving Society Levels

As a Leadership Giving Society Member, you will get closer to our mission by experiencing it firsthand. See how your gift transforms lives by accompanying a Dakin staff member as they provide care to the animals you help support. Meet with our Executive Director to learn more about how you are supporting Dakin's core programs, aimed to keep families together by providing essential services and resources. Step beyond our doors for a personalized behind-the-scenes tour through our facility, including the Community Spay/Neuter Clinic. These are just a few of the experiences available to our Leadership Giving Society members - as our way of saying thank you for expressing your personal passion for animals as our deeply valued philanthropic partner.

Each level includes the benefits of the level above it. For example, the Dakin Pioneer level also includes the benefits listed as a Hero and Loyal Companion Level.

• Loyal Companion Level $750 - $4,999 - Click to expand

Meet like-minded animal advocates, our Executive Director, and guest speakers at our annual luncheon, exclusively for Leadership Society members at Dakin's Springfield Animal Resource Center. Our speakers will discuss lifesaving trends, unique programs, and the impact on the animals of our community, including the success stories you helped make possible.

Enjoy “insider” information including advance announcements of achievements at Dakin Humane Society and pre-sale ticket opportunities for Dakin workshops and events.

Take pleasure in inviting friends and family to join you on a personal tour of our Animal Resource Center in addition to personal invitations to Dakin open houses and private events.

• Hero Level $5,000 - $9,999 - Click to expand

Become immersed in Dakin's day-to-day work by shadowing a staff member or joining a Cat Pawsitive Pro trainer as they make their rounds and work with felines in need. For those with a particular curiosity about our medical services, watch our Community Spay/Neuter Clinic in action, right from our surgical suite. Experience in great detail how we do the lifesaving work that we do, every day, with our veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and volunteers who make it possible.

• Dakin Pioneer Level $10,000 - $49,999 - Click to expand

Meet with a highly trained team member with animal behavior expertise, whose experience with our animals is building healthy human-animal connections in our community. Looking for tips on clicker-training your cat, socializing a timid puppy, or helping a dog navigate through behavior challenges? The people who socialize and steward animals are here because your gifts support our work that changes lives for the better.

• President’s Circle Level $50,000+ - Click to expand

Have lunch with a leader. Join Dakin Humane Society’s executive director, board president, director of operations, or medical director for a one-on-one luncheon. Each has a deep understanding of the human-animal connection and a unique vision for animals in our community and beyond. Because you are a crucial partner in our mission, they look forward to sharing our vision and future of animal welfare programs. You also have the opportunity to discuss your ideas about animals with a knowledgeable, passionate, and inspiring animal advocate.

Instead, accompany a staff member and sit on the couch during our weekly Pet of the Week segment on Channel 22 WWLP. Don’t enjoy the spotlight? Choose to accompany a team member on a SNIP trip ride-along, picking up our furry patients and seeing firsthand the animals and people this program helps. Our SNIP trip provides the much-needed transport of animals to our Community Spay/Neuter Clinic when their person is homebound. Thank you in advance for becoming a For The Animals Leadership Society Member and being a leader in support of the animals that need us.

Benefits at all levels are available upon request, based on resources, and may be subject to change during the year. You may opt-out of benefits or remain anonymous if you prefer.

For more information about the For The Animals Leadership Giving Society, or if you are interested in accessing your benefits please contact us.

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Director of Development and Marketing

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