Find Your Pet a New Home

You are your pet’s best hope for a new home. While we do everything we can at Dakin to ensure the animals in our care are comfortable during their stay, we care for over 5,000 every year. That’s between 200-400 animals in our care at any given time.

You are the best person to match your pet(s) to a new home because you know them best and can provide the best information about their unique needs, qualities, and personality. We strongly encourage you to find your pet’s new home and not bring them to a shelter.

All shelter environments are stressful for animals. No matter how well-maintained a shelter is, most animals must be housed in kennels and will hear, smell, and see many other animals at all times. Dakin’s staff and volunteers provide loving care for them, but stress is unavoidable and can cause issues including anxiety, aggression, and illnesses.

If a person or animal is in danger or if you have an urgent emergency (e.g., you are unhoused/homeless), call us at 413-781-4000.

Please use the resources below for information to help you keep your pet(s), find them a new home on your own, or surrender them to a shelter.

Resources to Keep Your Pet

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➡️ Behavior Tips

If you are considering rehoming your pet due to a behavior issue, there are resources that may be able to help. Contact a trainer about your concerns.

➡️ Veterinary Care

If you are struggling to find accessible veterinary care for your pet(s), there are options and resources at Dakin and in the local community for spay/neuter surgery, wellness and sick visits, vaccines, and emergencies. Additionally, use this resource to search for free or low-cost pet services including temporary boarding, veterinary care, pet food aid, and more.

➡️ Pet Food Assistance

Dakin provides pet food aid for people who are experiencing an unexpected personal emergency and need temporary assistance with dog and cat food. This service is available by appointment at Dakin when supplies are available. Local survival centers or food bank organizations may also have a supply of pet food.

➡️ Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

Finding pet-friendly housing options can be challenging. Use this resource for tips for renters and how to find pet-friendly housing near you. If you have an assistance animal, know your rights and the laws that apply to service animals versus therapy/emotional support animals.

➡️ Temporary Pet Boarding for Military

Dogs on Deployment is an online resource for service members to search for temporary homes for their pets until they return.

➡️ Preparing Your Pet for a New Baby

A new baby in the home brings many changes for you and your pets. There are steps you can take to help your pets adjust before and after the baby arrives. Start with this resource for helpful tips.

➡️ Emergency Assistance

RedRover helps people in crisis by providing emergency shelter in the wake of a natural disaster, owner hospitalization, domestic violence, or other crises.

Rehoming Your Pet

Rehome by Adopt a Pet is a well-respected resource for rehoming pets without bringing them to a shelter. We strongly recommend that you use this resource to increase the chance of finding your pet a new home so they don’t have to enter a stressful shelter environment.

Rehoming your pet should be easy and stress-free both for you and your pet. The experts at, the largest non-profit pet adoption website, with support from The Petco Foundation, have created a simple, reliable program to help you place your pet from your loving home directly to another.

*Use coupon code RCXHAQTL2U8AD8Z  to waive the listing fee for Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.

Other Places to Find Your Pet's New Home

  • Ask if a family member or friend can take or help rehome your pet
  • Check with your local animal control officer to see if they do courtesy posts


Nextdoor can connect you to people in your neighborhood or surrounding area. You can post locally and hopefully find someone close by that might be interested. This makes meeting up with people easier for both parties.

Social Media

Your local city/town Facebook group is a great place to post your pet in need of rehoming. Also, search Facebook for local animal rehoming groups or start here:

Rescues/Adoption and Rehoming Pets in CT, MA, RI, NY

Pets for Adoption in Western MA

413 Pets for Adoption

Surrendering Your Pet To Dakin

At any given time, Dakin is caring for 200-400 animals in the shelter, making space and resources limited. Appointments are scheduled as the shelter has the availability to accept them.

A surrender form is required. Click on your pet’s species to access the form.

If a person or animal is in danger or if you have an urgent emergency (e.g., you are unhoused/homeless), call us at 413-781-4000.

Contact Us

To reach the staff in the Animal Resource Center at Dakin, email or call us at 413-781-4000 and leave a detailed voicemail including your name and return phone number.