Our pets are cherished members of our family and those relationships have a powerful impact on us forever. Knowing when it's time to say goodbye is an extremely difficult decision and Dakin is here to support you and your companion.

You Have Options

Your own veterinarian should be your first call. They have a relationship with you and know your pet. If they aren’t able to assist you, use the resources below for assistance.

Humane euthanasia at an emergency hospital:

  • You are allowed to be with your pet during the euthanasia procedure.
  • Available 24/7, when you need it. No appointment is needed.
  • Euthanasia cases are prioritized, you will not need to wait too long.

The closest emergency hospitals to Dakin are:

VESH, Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital

  • 413-665-4911, 141 Greenfield Road, South Deerfield, MA

VESH, Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital

  • 413-665-4911, 134 Capital Drive, West Springfield, MA

NEVECC, New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care

  • 860-688-8400, 955 Kennedy Road, Windsor CT

The hospitals listed:

  • do not charge an exam fee if you tell them you are there for euthanasia.
  • as of June 2021, euthanasia fees can range from $95-150 depending on the hospital and pet.
  • have cremation options available. Ask the hospital for options and fees; they vary depending on the size of the pet.

A newer option is at-home euthanasia, where a veterinarian comes to you and performs humane euthanasia in the comfort of home. Many families find this to be the best choice for them and their pets. To determine what options may be available in your area, Google search, "house call euthanasia near me". This service is typically by appointment and is not intended for emergencies.

Humane Euthanasia at The Pet Health Center at Dakin

The Pet Health Center at Dakin offers humane euthanasia services. Owners have the option to stay with their animal companions during the procedure. To request an appointment for humane euthanasia at the Pet Health Center, please click here.

Humane Euthanasia at Dakin's Animal Resource Center

Dakin provides humane euthanasia for pets whose people are not able to access this service through their own veterinarian or veterinary hospital. We do not euthanize healthy pets.

  • Appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday from 12:30-3:30 pm. To schedule an appointment, email springfield@dakinhumane.org or call 413-781-4000.
  • Please note, you cannot be present with your pet during the procedure at Dakin. If you want to be present with your pet, a veterinary hospital can provide this service for you.



For humane euthanasia services at Dakin, we request a fee of $140-$200 for the euthanasia service, based on the animal's weight. After euthanasia, you may take your pet home for private burial or select communal cremation, which means your pet's remains (ashes) will not be returned.

We understand not everyone is able to afford the full fee. If that’s the case for you, we ask that you leave whatever amount you can reasonably afford. We will still help, no matter what that amount is.

Please Note: We cannot euthanize a pet if it has bitten or scratched someone within the last 10 days. If your pet has bitten or scratched a person, breaking the skin within the last 10 days, by law you must notify your local animal control services. We can provide euthanasia after 10 days have passed. If you are returning a pet that has been adopted through Dakin, we can accept the animal during that time. If your pet has bitten within 10 days but is too dangerous to keep at home any longer, please email us at springfield@dakinhumane.org to discuss options.

How to contact us

To schedule an appointment for humane euthanasia, please email Springfield@dakinhumane.org for the fastest response. If you are unable to email us, please call 413-781-4000.

We understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to a beloved animal companion. Please click here to visit our online resource for grief support during this difficult time.