Foster a Dakin Animal

Kitten sleeping in her foster home

Do you love the antics of kittens but don't want your own cat to have a litter?  Do you have a soft spot for shy or senior animals?  Foster parenting might be for you!

Foster parents usually care for animals too young to be placed immediately up for adoption, usually litters of kittens.  Some litters will have a mother, while some will need to be bottle fed.  Some kittens will only need a week or two of foster care, while some may need as long as eight weeks before they are ready for adoption.

Our foster parents also care for shy or nervous animals, who do not respond well in the busy adoption center, until they can find their new home.  Or they might provide long term (i.e. a month or more) temporary care to adult cats and dogs as part of our Safety Plan for Animals.  Sometimes foster parents help an injured animal recover from surgery.

In all cases, Dakin makes arrangement for and pays for medical care.  Foster parents provide food, cat litter, and other supplies for foster animals. 

Our foster parents help Dakin save more than a thousand animals each year.  Join us!

Wednesday August 30th at 6pm   


Pre-registration is required by clicking on one of the above dates that you plan to attend. 

Minimum Age: For everyone!  Primary foster parent(s) must be 18 years or older, however, children are very welcome to assist with foster care when safe and appropriate.  Primary foster parent must have transportation.

Commitment Level: You choose!  You can decide to foster anywhere from two weeks to two months or more.  And you can choose to foster just one time or many, many times.  The more you foster, you more lives you help save!

Be sure to check out our Resources for Foster Parents section for all the information you'll need as a foster!


If you have questions about fostering please contact Jen Good-Schiff at 413-781-4000 x 112 or contact us by email.