We have received many inquiries from people interested in helping out by fostering Dakin animals during the COVID-19 crisis.  First, we thank you for your interest, but as of now (March 2020), our needs have been met by our existing foster caregivers.

These volunteers have already stepped up to take animals into their homes that are not ready for adoption yet.  In fact we have more of them waiting to welcome these animals than we have animals, which is very fortunate, and we thank them for their dedication!

The animals in our Springfield Adoption Center are being adopted at a good rate.  We’re pleased to see them going into new homes.

While we have temporarily suspended our foster orientation program, we would be happy to train new Dakin foster caregivers once we reopen that program.  Keep an eye on this web page for updates about when that will happen.

Thanks again for your interest.

If you would like to help in some other way, please consider any of the following options:

Make a donation online or by mail to:

Dakin Humane Society
PO Box 6307
Springfield, MA 01101-6307

Donate a much-needed item from our Amazon Wish List

Adopt a Dakin animal - see who we have here

Share our social media posts about adoptable animals so more people can see them: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram