Thank You!

With Valley Gives having come to a close, we want to thank everyone who gave because you love animals, gave because you care, gave because you want a more compassionate community and gave because they need you. Thank you for your generosity, compassion, and love. 

Valley Gives 2018

Valley Gives Day is about improving the quality of life throughout the Pioneer Valley. Here at Dakin Humane Society, we focus our efforts on animals, as well as the people who love them.   As hard as we work, the reality is that more and more animals will come to our door, and many of them will have complex medical and behavioral needs, and our resources are limited.

So, being inspired by the film "Reality Bites," we made our own video to show you the many ways you can help animals by donating for Valley Gives Day 2018.

The Reality can change lives!

Here are some of the programs your donations help to support: