Valley Gives 2017 - Thank you!

Thank you for helping us raise more than $26,000 for Valley Gives Day 2017! Valley Gives Day is about improving the quality of life throughout the Pioneer Valley. Here at Dakin Humane Society, we focus our efforts on animals, as well as the people who love them.  Take a look inside Dakin Today as we highlight the critical life-saving programs, that with your support, make so many lives better.


Here are some of the programs your donations help to support:


Dogs Playing For Life

Keeping pets mentally and physically healthy while they await a new home takes more than just providing food and shelter. Some animals can spend months in our care. In April 2017, Dakin launched the Dogs Playing For Life program which combats kennel stress and boredom while improving socialization skills among dogs, thereby increasing their chances of adoption.


Pet Food Bank

Dakin Humane Society’s Pet Food Bank has been serving the Pioneer Valley since 2009. We provide food to pets whose caretakers are faced with financial hardships.  When we can keep pets and people together, communities are strengthened.



Dakin, the largest humane society in the Pioneer Valley, find homes for nearly 6,000 animals a year, so they all can wicked happy like Vinny.

View our currently adoptable animals.


Enrichment Program

Enrichment activities increase the mental and physical well-being of pets awaiting adoption, and when done in a home setting can prevent behavior issues that cause some animals to be surrendered.


Community Spay/Neuter Clinic

Dakin is New England’s largest spay/neuter provider, and we continue to help people all over the Pioneer Valley take this important step in keeping pets healthy. Our celebrity reporter Seth Stutman investigates the myths of spay/neuter surgery in this fun segment of Dakin Today!


Thank You!

As Dakin Today’s Valley Gives broadcast comes to a close, thank you to everyone who gave because you love animals, gave because you care, gave because you want a more compassionate community and gave because they need you. There is still time to make a gift before midnight.