Weekly Vaccine & Microchip Clinics

Please be advised there will be NO vaccine clinic on Saturday, December 28th 2019 or Saturday, January 4th 2020. Regular Saturday vaccine clinic days will resume on January, 11th.

Dakin holds Vaccine & Microchip Clinics every Saturday at our Springfield location beginning at 9am

Things to know ahead of time:

  • The vaccine clinic is walk-in only. No appointments are necessary or available
  • Our clinic opens at 9am, although frequently people begin lining up before 8am 
  • We are able to provide services for the first 40 patients (cats or dogs) in line 
  • Please bring your pet's entire medical history, regardless of how old the information is or where your pet was seen by a medical professional. This helps us provide you the best possible recommendations for your pet. It also prevents over-vaccinating or under-vaccinating your pet and helps reduce your cost
  • We are located at 171 Union Street, Springfield. Please use the main Adoption Center entrance, NOT the side Spay/Neuter Clinic entrance
  • Dogs must be on leash. Cats must be in carriers
  • We accept cash and credit cards only (no checks)

Services and Fees for Dogs and Cats

A veterinary examination fee applies to every animal. The fee is $10.00 for a pet who is already spayed or neutered. The fee is $25.00 if the pet is not yet spayed or neutered.

Services for Dogs

  • $12.00 Rabies vaccination
  • $12.00 Distemper/parvo (DA2PP) vaccination
  • $12.00 Kennel cough (bordetella) vaccination
  • $20.00 Microchip identification (includes registration)
  • $25.00 Heartworm test
  • $28.00 Parastar (kills fleas and ticks; 3 months supply)
  • $35.00 Lyme vaccination
  • Deworming (prices vary by weight)
  • Heartworm preventative (prices vary by weight)

Services for Cats

  • $12.00 Rabies vaccination
  • $12.00 Distemper combo (FVRCP) vaccination
  • $15.00 Revolution (kills fleas and earmites)
  • $15.00 Deworming
  • $20.00 Feline leukemia vaccination
  • $20.00 Microchip identification (includes registration)
  • $30.00 Feline leukemia/FIV test

Having a Veterinary Relationship

Dakin's clinic is staffed by licensed, trained veterinarians and veterinary technicians, but we are not full-service veterinary providers. All of the services we offer are preventive and will keep your pets healthy, but we do not have the equipment or supplies to diagnose or treat sick or injured pets. We are happy to refer you to a full-service provider in your area. When you visit a Dakin clinic, one of our caring veterinary technicians will walk you through our services to assist you in deciding what your pet needs.