Surgery for Cats

Our services and fees are different for pet cats and wild, outdoor cats. Please choose one.

Pet Cats

Pet cats are cats you can touch, whether the cat belongs to you, is a friendly stray, or lives in a barn. If you can pick the cat up and put her in a carrier, we consider her a pet cat.

Click here for services and fees for pet cats.

Wild, Outdoor Cats

Wild, outdoor cats are cats you cannot touch. In order to capture the cat, you would need to use a humane trap. Note that this category does not include friendly stray cats. Wild, outdoor cats are also called "feral" cats.

Due to our veterinary staff shortage, we are currently unable to accept feral cats for surgery until further notice.  You may email us at for other possible resources for feral surgery. 


Click here for services and fees for wild, outdoor cats.