Supply Drives

Thank you for organizing a supply drive to benefit Dakin Humane Society and the animals we care for! Through your support, you’re helping create a world where services that support the human-animal bond are accessible to all and companion animals are no longer vulnerable.

Your Supply Drive in 7 simple steps!

  1. Determine what your goals are and when you will host your drive
  2. Review our Wish Lists for items needed
  3. Determine what supplies you’ll need for collection (boxes, containers, etc.)
  4. Register your Supply Drive here and read our DIY Fundraising Guidelines
  5. Spread the word! Follow the tips listed below for ideas and sample social media posts
  6. Track your donations on our ready-to-use Tracking Sheet
  7. Once your Supply Drive has ended, drop off your donations and Tracking Sheet at our Springfield Animal Resource Center 

Promoting your Supply Drive

There are so many ways that you can spread the word about your Supply Drive.

  • Hang posters around at your school or office
  • Send emails to your co-workers, friends, and family members
  • If you’re hosting your drive through your place of employment, remember to provide details in your internal newsletter
  • Take photos of your drive and the items you collect to post on social media
  • Create a Facebook event and share it with your friends
  • Tag @DakinHumaneSociety in your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Use the hashtag #Supplies4Dakin
  • Use free websites like to create beautiful graphics
  • Submit any photos that you give Dakin permission to share on social media to: As we receive many photos and plan our promotional content in advance, we cannot guarantee that every photo we receive will appear on our social media pages

Fundraise for Dakin

Did you know that you can also incorporate your own personal fundraising page during your Supply Drive to increase your impact? When you register for a personal fundraising page you can easily share your customized page with your friends and family and track your fundraising progress. Get started here.

Sample Social Media Posts


"I'm hosting a supply drive to benefit Dakin Humane Society! Join me in supporting Dakin's vision of a world where services that support the human-animal bond are accessible to all and companion animals are no longer vulnerable."


"RT if you're an animal hero! I'm hosting a supply drive that will support Dakin's mission to deliver innovative services that improve the lives of animals in need and the people who love them."

For more information regarding Supply Drives or other DIY Fundraising activities, contact Kaitlyn Holloway, Development & Events Coordinator at 413-781-4000 x 118 or