The past few months have tested our ability to care for all the animals who are turning to us for help. This is not limited to Dakin’s community but is being felt at shelters across the country where the number of animals entering our doors is exceeding the number of animals being adopted.

It’s a trend we haven’t seen in years and one that’s being accelerated by economic factors including the increasing cost of caring for pets.

Despite these new challenges, with your support, animals will continue to find shelter and care at Dakin.

Will you take a moment to make a gift and change the lives of animals?

We’re not seeing a slowdown in the number of animals seeking shelter at Dakin. We’re busy each day trying to help all the animals who need us, but our resources are limited and we can't do this work without the support of our community. We need you. Your generosity has a direct effect on an animal’s life – animals like Catfish.

It’s hard to think of what would have happened to Catfish if she hadn’t been brought to us. Most likely, her outcome would have been very grim.

One evening as a veterinary technician was heading out the door, she noticed a box by the building’s entrance. The box hadn’t been there earlier and she carefully opened the lid. Inside, peering up at her, a tiny calico kitten. The kitten was a little dehydrated and a bit thin, but that wasn’t what caught the tech’s eye. What she first noticed was the fish hook in the kitten’s face.

Despite the large number of animals in our care, we were dedicated to helping this kitten. Someone brought her to us and we were going to do everything possible for her. I know as an animal lover and compassionate supporter, you don’t want animals to suffer. You want to see them healthy, happy, and in homes. We wanted that for Catfish too and all the animals who find their way into our care.

Every day, animals need your help.

Catfish was given pain medication and made comfortable overnight until the hook could be surgically removed the next day.  It was a delicate procedure as the hook pierced through the roof of the kitten’s mouth and straight out next to her nose. She was also given antibiotics to fight any infection from the injury.

The surgery was successful and afterward, Catfish rested comfortably in the vet tech’s office where she could be monitored.

Your support gave Catfish a chance not only to heal but find a home. You protect the vulnerable. You give animals a chance to flourish and be happy. And you provide a place where people can turn when they’re not sure what to do.

Catfish’s life was changed and your gift today will change the lives of many more.

I’m so grateful you share the same vision of a world where companion animals are no longer vulnerable. Together, we’ll face this challenge head-on and help hundreds of animals find shelter and loving homes.


With great appreciation,

Karina King

Director of Operations