Most small animal housing sold in pet stores is too small for them. Measure your housing to make sure it meets or exceeds the requirements.

A photo of your small animal housing is required prior to adoption. After completing your application, email your photo and measurements to

For rabbits, we recommend large metal dog crates and/or x-pens. The minimum requirement for enclosed spaces is 10 sq. ft. for 1-2 rabbits. Housing that has wire underfoot is not suitable for bunnies and can cause sores on their feet.

We usually have x-pens available for purchase at Dakin. Just ask!

Rabbits should also have a large (at least 24 sq. ft. of exercise space) outside of their enclosure where they can run and play daily. This can be a larger pen, or most commonly is a rabbit proofed room.

Watch our video for more on how to set up your new rabbit for success.

Quick Facts about Rabbit Housing

  • Rabbits should be able to fully extend their body upright and not be able to touch their nose to the top of the cage.
  • Provide a stable house that rabbits can get in and on top to provide extra space.
  • Rabbits need enough space to fit a litter box and still have room to fully stretch out in the rest of the cage.