Pat's Cats Feline Success Fund

Pat Yurkunas, former Director of Development at Dakin Humane SocietyPat’s Cats Feline Success Fund was established to honor Patricia Ford Yurkunas, Dakin’s former Director of Development and Marketing, who passed away in 2015. Yurkunas, pictured here, was an avid animal lover and especially fond of the cats and kittens who arrived at Dakin. In addition to her regular duties as Director of Development and Marketing, she spent considerable time caring for cats, and adopted several into her home.

This fund specifically supports the care and wellbeing of Dakin’s feline residents. Pat’s Cats provides the funds needed to ensure each cat and kitten that enters our doors receives the best care possible. This ranges from medical treatment, living spaces designed to reduce stress, and specialized care to meet each individual need of the cats at our adoption centers in Leverett and Springfield, MA.

This fund carries on Pat’s memory by helping to provide a safe space and quality care for cats and kittens.

Cats and kittens make up about ⅔ of Dakin’s animal population each year. Your generous donation to Pat’s Cats Feline Success Fund will improve the lives of these animals by supporting innovative services such as:

● Nick’s Nursery, New England’s only kitten intensive care unit.
● Specialized behavioral support for cats who are shy or stressed in the adoption center. This includes Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Positive Pro –a newly instituted program in partnership with the Jackson Galaxy Project that trains staff and volunteers on positive reinforcement training to enrich the lives of shelter cats and reduce their stress while they wait for new homes.
● Spay/neuter services for pet cats and mother cats with litters.
● Toys, beds, scratchers, running wheels, and other enrichment equipment to keep cats happy and active.
● Intensive medical care for older cats and cats who are critically ill, special food to meet individual dietary needs, and supportive care for long-term ailments.
● Food, shelter, and basic preventive care for cats and kittens.

For more information about Pat’s Cats Feline Success fund and how you can support the cats in our care, please contact 413-781-4000 x 3 or email 

A special thank you to our Founding Supporters of Pat’s Cats Feline Success Fund who helped start this fund to honor a beloved friend:

Sheree and Paul Bloomberg
Jim and Marianne Gambaro
Diane Kolakoski
Joseph J. Lopez
Jan and Bernadette Piepul
Raising Change, Inc.
Elise and Timothy Rice
Judy Smith


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