Nick's Nursery

Little Kittens, Big dreams

Dakin Humane Society’s kitten nursery for orphaned, underage kittens in need of critical medical care was opened in June 2014. It is the first such nursery in New England.

The Nursery, Dakin's kitten intensive care unit, found immediate benefactors in Jan and Bernadette Piepul, whose generous support helped launch and sustain the seasonal program. The nursery is named after the Piepuls’ handsome brown tiger cat, Nicholas, who survived his own rough beginning.

The Piepuls felt it was critical to advancing Dakin's work with kittens. "Newborn and orphaned kittens are the most vulnerable animals entering shelters,” Jan says. “By supporting a dedicated care nursery for them we hope more lives can be saved.” 

Other supporters join the Piepuls in providing the supplies— heating discs, antibiotics, ointments, fluids, syringes, gowns, gloves, and much more—that make the nursery a life-saving force. In 2015 the dedicated volunteers and staff who provide care in the Nursery tended to more than 200 kittens many of whom would not have survived without their efforts, in 2016 that number climbed to nearly 250. The summer of 2018 is expected to bring the 1,000th kitten through Nick's Nursery.

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