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A champion for the her story!

Which Pioneer Valley bars, restaurants and breweries will welcome your dog?

Bring your buddy...and all that he'll need!

Lessening the burden of Community Cats.

Purrito still from Valley Gives video

Volunteer, Inventor, Trainer...this lady wears many hats!

Review our seasonal safety tips to keep your pets safe and cool this summer

Purrito still from Valley Gives video

“I’m so proud to work for an organization that is thought of so highly in our community,” she said.

Purrito still from Valley Gives video

Valley Gives Day, a day of online donations for regional non-profits, was set for May 1, and hopes were high here that many people would keep Dakin’s animals in mind while making their online gifts.

Purrito still from Valley Gives video

Spring and summer bring certainties every year, like pollen, kids daydreaming about the end of school, and litter after litter of tiny kittens – mostly orphaned - in need of care. Here at Dakin, we handle the latter…or litter, in our case.

Want to get more involved but not sure how? Fostering for Dakin is the toughest job you’ll ever love and we’re recruiting new homes now.

Dakin would like to celebrate this event by providing some social media posts featuring you and your pets celebrating your life together during National Pet Week!   

Oh wow...80 thou!

Dakin's Community Spay/Neuter Clinic welcomed our 80,000th patient earlier this month, a seven month old miniature schnauzer named Sasha, who lives in Springfield.

On Thursday, April 19, Dakin celebrated National Volunteer Appreciation Week by hosting a party honoring its many incredibly dedicated volunteers.  Games, tours of the Spay/Neuter Clinic and special recognition awards were just part of this fun event.  Were you there?  Check out our photo gallery, you might see yourself!


As a Guardian Member, Rachel Scott knows that monthly gifts of all sizes make a difference.  "It's a small way for you to make a big impact," she says.


Kittens are the comedians of the universe, and the laughs (and sighs of adoration) were plentiful when Dakin held its first-ever Kitten Pop Up Event on Saturday, March 3. A litter of 6-week old kittens in foster care were recruited for the fundraiser, during which people sat on the floor in groups of 10 to enjoy their feline antics.  Are you in any of these photos?


Mary Dudley helps kittens in Nick's Nursery, trains adult cats through Jackson Galaxy's Cat Pawsitive Pro program, and opens her home as a foster caregiver.  Hard to believe she grew up pet-less because she was allergic to both dogs and cats!  



Anyone with a dog or cat is probably very familiar with the sight of their huge, pleading eyes watching as you enjoy a tasty dinner or snack. They certainly know how to look just pitiful enough to tempt us to share a bite or two with them, but that isn't a good idea. In fact, some “people food” is actually toxic to our beloved pets. Here's a rundown of food dangers for pets...