Free Feral Spay Day Clinic

by Lee Chambers



The last Wednesday of the month has been designated a Free Feral Spay Day Clinic at Dakin Humane Society’s Community Spay/Neuter Clinic in Springfield, MA.  

Feral cats are also known as “community cats,” and are unowned felines who are born and live outdoors.  People who humanely trap ferals can bring them to Dakin for spay/neuter surgery at no fee on Free Feral Spay Days.  Following the surgery, and in accordance with TNR (trap/neuter/return) practices, people then return the ferals to their outdoor colonies.  Normally the spay/neuter fee for ferals at Dakin is $40. Dakin has humane traps that can be loaned but require a refundable deposit and a nominal daily fee for usage.

In addition to the spay/neuter surgery, the cats will receive a rabies vaccination and ear tip.  The ear tip involves the removal of the top quarter-inch of the cat’s left ear while he/she is under anesthesia.  It enables the cat to be easily identified from afar as already spayed or neutered.

“With summer starting up, the breeding cycles for cats living outdoors kicks into high gear,” says Dakin’s Executive Director Carmine DiCenso.  “Their kittens live in dangerous circumstances and are vulnerable to predators, weather extremes and other hazards.  Half of them die in their first year.  This clinic is Dakin’s effort to help community cats and kittens, as well as the people who practice TNR on their behalf.”

People who trap ferals and want to participate in the monthly clinic are required to register online in advance.  Visit to look up the clinic date of choice.  Upcoming clinic dates are June 27 and July 25.

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