Dakin Celebrates 50 years!

by Lee Chambers


It’s 2019 and this year is especially significant to us here at Dakin Humane Society. It marks 50 years of enriching lives of animals and those who love them. Although we’ll be celebrating this milestone all year, we’re also celebrating the amazing people who have never let us or animals down. And in case you weren’t sure, that’s YOU!

So thank you for always believing that our mission is your mission. We began in 1969, committed to serving animals and strengthening the human-animal bond in the Pioneer Valley – a bold idea at the time. But despite doubt from others, we reinvented and pioneered animal shelter programs, practices and philosophy across the country and are now standing proud as a leader in animal welfare.

Will you help us raise $50,000 in honor of 50 years? With your gift today, we will continue this journey, providing a place that enriches the lives of animals and strengthens relationships between people and their pets.

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