Banfield Foundation equipment grant awarded to Dakin

by Lee Chambers


Dr. Elizabeth Helton, a veterinarian at Dakin Humane Society, is shown performing dental surgery on one of the cats at Dakin’s Springfield Adoption & Education Center.  The purchase of the surgical equipment was made possible thanks to a grant from Banfield Foundation.


Dakin Humane Society has received a $15,000 grant from Banfield Foundation for the purchase of dental equipment to be used on its shelter pet population.

The funds allowed Dakin to purchase a VetPro 1000 Dental System, a Prestige Dental Station, dental packs, extraction kits, a TriDenta System, dental models and sharpening stone and other accessories from Banfield Foundation.

According to Dakin’s Executive Director Carmine DiCenso, the equipment will enhance Dakin’s efforts to treat its in-house pets.  “More animals arrive at Dakin with dental complications, whether it’s simply a build-up of tartar, or a complex disease that requires the removal of a few, or several, teeth.  This state-of-the-art equipment will allow us to treat these patients very effectively, take away their pain and discomfort, and get them on the road to adoption that much faster.”

Dr. Elizabeth Helton, a veterinarian at Dakin, has performed several procedures utilizing the new equipment.  “Most of the patients I treat are cats who are more than 10 years old, and many of them have dental issues.  Dental diseases create extreme pain and discomfort for animals.  Being able to perform dental procedures and extractions really improves their quality of life as well as their oral health.  We now also have models of feline and canine mouths that have artificial removable teeth that can show students dental structure for different species.  The Banfield Foundation equipment has really augmented our efforts to treat patients and expand our capabilities.”

Dakin Humane Society delivers effective, innovative services that improve the lives of animals in need and the people who care about them from its two locations in Leverett and Springfield, MA.  The organization shelters, treats and fosters more than 20,000 animals each year and has performed more than 80,000 spay/neuter surgeries since 2009, making it New England’s largest spay/neuter provider.  Dakin is a local non-profit organization that relies solely on contributions from individuals and businesses that care about animals to bring its services to the community.  For more information, visit

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