Meg Talbert, Executive Director

A person in a black top hugs a black and white dog and smiles at the camera

Meg has worked in the human-animal bond and animal care field for over fifteen years and has extensive experience in strategic planning, fundraising, fiscal and facilities management, human resources, regulatory compliance, and volunteer engagement. Dakin’s core values and beliefs match her own: that people are good and will make good decisions for animals when they are treated with kindness and understanding, and when they have enough information and resources.

Prior to joining Dakin, Meg served as Way Finders’ Chief Development Officer, leading the organization’s fundraising, communications, and marketing efforts in addition to overseeing the Community Building and Engagement Program in Springfield and Holyoke.

Meg is a graduate of Boston University and holds a bachelor’s degree in English. From 2010-2017, she was the Executive Director of Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers, a national service animal organization founded to provide daily in-home assistance to people living with spinal cord injury or other mobility impairments, and today, is focused on providing lifelong care for the animals in retirement.

Meg is a member of the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Animal Coalition and an advisory council member for The New England Federation of Humane Societies. She lives in Auburn with her husband, stepdaughters, and a 10-year-old pit bull. She enjoys sharpening her culinary skills, CrossFit, hiking, and sailing.