Corporate Leadership Award - VCA Animal Hospitals

If your veterinarian is in South Hadley, East Longmeadow, Palmer, or another area town, you may have noticed the letters VCA preceding their name. A national network of hometown animal hospitals, VCA’s mission is to “provide world-class veterinary medicine by activating our shared expertise and pairing cutting-edge technology, procedures, and best practices with deeply compassionate care.”

All of our local VCA hospitals have been longtime supporters of animal welfare and sheltering by helping us promote adoptions and even fostering guinea pigs from Dakin. They have donated supplies including scales, food, and other pet supplies.

Founded in 1986, VCA is committed to making a positive impact for pets, people, and their communities. Their website states “We care about the communities we serve and every pet within them, not just those we see in our hospitals. Every hospital carries a sense of pride for the legacy of excellence they’ve built and the stories of service that are deeply connected to their local communities.”

VCA Charities is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 dedicated to helping pets in need. Together with VCA associates, clients, and donors, VCA Charities has raised more than $1 million providing free veterinary services, medication, food, and financial support to more than 100 animal welfare organizations across the country. As their website states “Through grants and partnerships with shelters and animal welfare organizations, we help remove barriers to pet ownership and help keep pets in loving homes by funding emergency and specialty veterinary care, supporting adoption readiness and surrender prevention programs, enabling the care and feeding of pets belonging to underserved families, and responding to our local communities in crisis.” Their projects have included disaster relief, animal transports, and COVID relief for shelters.