Most small animal housing sold in pet stores is too small for them. Measure your housing to make sure it meets or exceeds the requirements.

A photo of your small animal housing is required prior to adoption. After completing your application, email your photo and measurements to

  • One guinea pig: 6.5 square feet cage (minimum), but more is better; generally 30" x 36" is a good size.
  • Two guinea pigs: 6.5 square feet (minimum), but 10.5 square feet is preferred; generally 30" x 50" is a good size.
  • Three guinea pigs: 8 square feet (minimum), but 13 square feet is preferred; generally 30" x 62" is a good size.

Housing that has wire underfoot is not suitable for guinea pigs and can cause sores on their feet.

  • Expect to spend at least $100 on guinea pig housing and supplies to prepare for your new pet.
  • The least expensive and largest way to house your pigs well is by creating a C & C cage, which is a DIY creation.
  • Guinea pigs need horizontal (ground) space. Cages that go up and down, such as those for ferrets and rats, do not work well for guinea pigs.

Watch our video for more on how to set up your new guinea pig for success.