Grampy's Fund for Small Dog Medical Care

Grampy’s Fund for Small Dog Medical Care was established to help Chihuahuas and other small breed dogs with complex medical conditions.

The Fund honors Leslie Harris, Dakin’s Executive Director from 1995 to 2015, and is named for an elderly Chihuahua who arrived at Dakin years ago in need of significant medical care. When Grampy arrived at Dakin he was severely underweight and suffering from a series of medical conditions. He received the specialized care he needed, which included the removal of all but two of his teeth. As Grampy started feeling better, his appetite returned and during his stay at Dakin he doubled in weight. The dog became a favorite of Leslie, and she adopted him following his recovery.  

Chihuahuas and small dog breeds were selected as the focus of Grampy’s Fund efforts because of the large number who are brought to Dakin to be adopted and in need of medical treatment each year.

Your gift will help other small dogs, like Grampy, receive the specialized medical care they need.


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