Dakin Humane Society Events

Jan 12, 2019 (Saturday) | 9:15 am–10:15 am

Puppy & Beyond

Teaching your pup the basics!

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Jan 12, 2019 (Saturday) | 10:15 am–11:15 am

Basic Manners Dog Training

Get the basics for you and your dog in this 5-week beginner course.

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Jan 12, 2019 (Saturday) | 11:15 am–12:15 pm

Introduction to Scent Work

A playful version of what Search and Rescue dogs do for real in this 5-week course!

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Feb 16, 2019 (Saturday) | 10:15 am–12:15 pm

Come When Called

A reliable response to "Come!" can be a life saver for your dog, a gateway to adventures and great exercise for your dog!

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Feb 23, 2019 (Saturday) | 10:15 am–12:15 pm

Polite Leash Walking

Does your dog pull on leash? Is it frustrating to take Fido for a walk? Do you sometimes leave him at home rather than bring him along because his leash pulling makes it too hard, too much work, and not enough fun for anyone?

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Mar 2, 2019 (Saturday) | 10:15 am–12:15 pm

Polite Greetings

Teach your dog how to greet humans in ways humans prefer rather than in doggish ways!

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