Polite Leash Walking

Does your dog pull on leash? Is it frustrating to take Fido for a walk? Do you sometimes leave him at home rather than bring him along because his leash pulling makes it too hard, too much work, and not enough fun for anyone?

Perhaps Fido walks well on leash most of the time but pulls hard at certain distractions (Food in the gutter? Unidentifiable items on the trail side? Squirrels?). While we can’t run a squirrel through class (at least we hope not!), we will adapt the level of challenge to each dog’s ability, raising the challenge enough for each dog to be learning while still being set up to learn to be successful.

Join us for an intensive two hour class to help you and Fido discover the joys of a loose leash when walking together! Walking sedately side by side isn’t a natural canine behavior but we’ve lots of techniques that will help you and your canine buddy get in synch on your walks.



For more information and to register online, click here.

Location: Dakin Adoption Center, 163 Montague Road, Leverett

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