Humane Euthanasia

Our pets are our family, and we treasure their presence in our lives.  Every tail wag, every cuddle, and every gaze into their loving eyes is what comforts us.  When our pets reach their senior years, or face terminal illness, we confront heart-wrenchingly tough choices about what’s best for them.  If you are questioning whether or not your pet would benefit from humane euthanasia, this Quality of Life Scale published by Clinician’s Brief may help you.  

The decision to euthanize a pet brings overwhelming emotions and is one of the hardest experiences people endure.  Euthanasia is a humane option for people who don’t want their severely sick or injured pet to suffer, or those whose animal’s severe behavior problems mean they cannot live safely as pets.  Dakin Humane Society stands ready to help you and your pet.

We provide humane euthanasia for pets whose people are not able to access this service through their own veterinarian.  We do not euthanize healthy pets.  Our service does not include the option of being present during the euthanasia, so if you prefer to be with your pet during the procedure, please contact a full-service veterinary hospital or veterinary emergency hospital.

Fees & Services

Dakin partners with Final Gift Pet Memorial Center in providing cremation services.  If you opt for communal cremation (you prefer not to have your pet’s ashes returned), or if you choose to take your pet home for a private burial, we request $100 for the euthanasia service. We understand not everyone is able to afford the full fee so we ask that you leave whatever amount you can reasonably afford. If you cannot afford to pay for the service we do not want your animal to suffer, we will still help you.  Please contact us at

If you prefer euthanasia with a private cremation (you prefer to have your pet’s ashes returned to you), there is a waiting period of approximately two weeks for the ashes to be returned.  Dakin will phone you to let you know when they have arrived.  The fee for this service is based on your pet’s weight.  Please see the chart below:


Pet’s weight

Fee for euthanasia and private cremation

0-2 lb










Please Note: We cannot euthanize a pet if it has bitten or scratched someone within the last 10 days. If your pet has bitten or scratched a person, breaking the skin within the last 10 days, by law you must notify your local animal control services. We can provide euthanasia after 10 days have passed. If you are returning a pet that has been adopted through Dakin, we can accept the animal during that time. If your pet has bitten within 10 days but is too dangerous to keep at home any longer, please email us at to discuss options.

How to Contact Us

To schedule an appointment for euthanasia, please email for the fastest response.  If you cannot access the internet, please call us at (413) 781-4000.  If your animal is in crisis and you cannot wait to hear back from an email or voice mail, you can bring your pet to Dakin without an appointment Tuesday - Saturday from 12:30-3:30pm.  

If your animal is in crisis during our non-operational hours, please contact one of the emergency animal hospitals in the region.  For a listing, click here

Grief Support

“What you’re feeling is the flip side of the love that you felt for your pet.  Love is the counterpart of grief.  When the love is over, we experience grief.  You want to take care of yourself and get support from those who love you, and who understand and respect your loss.”

These comforting words are from Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, LMFT, LCSW, author of “The Pet Loss Companion: Healing Advice from Family Therapists Who Lead Pet Loss Groups.”  Ken’s insightful views on the process of losing a beloved pet; knowing when it’s time to say goodbye, coping with a recent loss, the grief process, finding support, and adopting again, are offered in a series of videos here.