Emergency Animal Hospitals

If an animal is in crisis, get them to a veterinarian at once.  If the emergency is happening when the veterinarian's office is closed, there are three 24-hour emergency animal hospitals in the region that can help:

  • Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (South Deerfield, MA) 413.665.4911
  • New England Veterinary Center & Cancer Care (Windsor, CT) 860.688.8400
  • Tufts New England Veterinary Medical Center (North Grafton, MA) 413.839.5395

If you have a Dakin foster pet that needs emergency treatment:

If the emergency occurs between the hours of 8am – 6pm (every day), you should bring the animal/s to Dakin in Springfield.  Please phone in advance, but if you can’t reach someone, just come to Dakin.  If we are not open to the public yet, ring the emergency bell to the right of the front door. 

If the emergency happens during other hours, please bring the animal/s to Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital in South Deerfield at 413.665.4911.