Dixie Dogs

Dixie dogs arrive from overcrowded Southern shelters

Dakin transports Dixie Dogs from overcrowded shelters in the southern United States so they can get a new chance at a new life here in New England.

Why Dixie Dogs?

As the birthplace of the animal welfare movement in the United States, New England is ahead of the pack in resolving its dog overpopulation crisis.

This is not to say that animal shelters in New England are empty. Only that they are emptier.

Most of the dogs Dakin helps every year are local dogs. Dogs continue to need rescue when circumstances become too much for unprepared people. And community animal control officers continue to pick up and care for unclaimed stray dogs. But the New England overpopulation emergency for dogs has passed.

Not true in many areas of the South and Midwest. Animal shelters in these areas take in thousands of dogs and puppies every year—dogs and puppies who are healthy, friendly family pets—and euthanize more than half of them. Transporting these dogs to shelters in New England may provide their only chance at life.

What's cool about the Dixie Dog program?

  • It saves dogs' lives!
  • We choose Dixie Dogs based on their gentle, friendly temperament.
  • We help people adopt a dog in need rather than supporting puppy mills by buying a dog from a pet store.
  • We send part of each adoption fee back south to help improve the lives of dogs in the source community.