Fun activities to try with your cat

Cardboard Creations

Build your cat a cardboard house, castle, rocket ship, or any design you can dream up. Ensure the cardboard is sturdy enough to support the weight of your feline friend. Add secret hideouts and cut holes for your cat to navigate their way through. A strong duct tape works well to hold your masterpiece together. Adding some soft blankets creates a cozy space and adds to the aesthetic.

Kitty Olympics

Create an obstacle for your cat to try to conquer! There are no limits to how you can create your design, but ensure you cater it to suit your cat’s interests and abilities. If your cat is a great jumper, you can create barriers and see how high they will leap. You can also create an obstacle course on the floor using any household items just as plastic cups. Watch as your cat tries to either gentle navigate without tipping any items, or just plows through them without a care.

Interactive Play

Interactive play can have many benefits to your cat including exercise, trust-building, stress relief, and more! One popular interactive toy is a string on a pole, with a toy attached at the end of the string. This can be purchased at your local pet store, online, or made at home! For a simple do-it-yourself project, you can use some yarn or rope, and crumple a small piece of aluminum foil around one end of the string. Slowly drag the toy near your cat on the floor, or up in the air, and let them chase the toy as you move it. Allow your cat a fair chance of being able to “catch” the ball.