6 Activities to Try with your Dog

Your Bike, Your Dog, and You

Dog next to a bicycle

If you have an active, athletic dog, going out for a quick bike ride can provide a good source of exercise for both you and your companion. Getting your dog used to the bike is going to vary by individual, but we suggest casually introducing your bike a few times to your dog ahead of your first ride. This could mean allowing your dog to “check out” the bike by smelling it and providing positive reinforcement for being around you on the bike.

For your first outing, we suggest finding a quiet bike trail away from cars for a short test run. Your dog may instantly love biking with you, but we encourage you to tune into how your dog reacts and adjust accordingly.

One of the biggest considerations when bike riding with your dog is safety. Always make sure that you are wearing a helmet and following other safety precautions for yourself when riding with your dog. This means dressing your dog in a comfortable harness that also acts as reflective gear. We also suggest checking out some leash attachment bars. These products provide a sturdy connection to the bike while keeping your dog at a safe and appropriate distance to travel next to you.  Happy trails!

We encourage you to consult with your vet prior to starting new adventures together.

The Classic Game of Fetch

Spotted dog running with tennis ball
This is an oldie, but a goodie when it comes to activities to try with your dog. And, if you haven’t already, we have to ask- what are you waiting for? There are endless possibilities to play a small game of fetch with your dog. Eating breakfast? Throw a soft toy indoors! Out in the yard? Throw a tennis ball. This classic game of fetch also provides you with the opportunity to teach a phrase that can be quite useful in other situations- “Drop It”. So, grab some toys, find your dog, and start playing!

Picking Up the Pace

Small dog running outside

Another great activity for athletic dogs is jogging. If you are an avid runner yourself, you’ll know how important a constant running buddy can be. They can provide inspiration to go the extra mile, or encouragement to get out on a day when you’re not feeling quite up for it. When you start jogging with your dog in tow, start slow. Just like a new runner in training, you’ll want to introduce your dog in smaller doses.

One of the best pieces of equipment you can purchase to start jogging with your dog is a hands-free bungee waist leash. This will allow you to jog beside your pal, without the need to hold the leash. Remember to bring water for your dog as well, and always remember to bring poop pick-up bags. Most of this can be fit inside a small waist pack, where you can also keep your phone (which you’ll have anyway for music!)

Before long, your dog will be wagging their tail when you ask “wanna go for a jog?”

Where Did You Go?

Dog with tennis ball

We often think about hide-and-seek as a fun game for school-aged children. But, did you know that dogs can also enjoy this game? This is especially true if you have a dog with a good sniffer, like your hunting breed dogs. Hide-and-seek will provide them with fun, mental stimulation and provide you with endless laughs! Watch as they wiggle around sniffing for you, and enjoy the moment they happily discover your hiding spot.

You can also incorporate toys and treats into the game. Instead of hiding yourself, give your dog something to search for. Let them sniff the item first, then put it somewhere to hide. Start easy by hiding the toy across the room, but then build up to a good challenge.

The Doggy Detective

Dog sniffing plastic pool filled with balls and toys

Similar to hide-and-seek, dog puzzles can provide mental stimulation to keep your dog active and engaged. There are many different types of these puzzles and various levels (beginner to Border Collie), challenging your pup to uncover treats by problem-solving. Use any type of treat your dog loves and put their nose and smarts to the test.

You can level up this challenge by adding in the element of hide-and-seek (see previous activity suggestion). Or, place the puzzle on a chair to challenge their skills.

Take a look at all kinds of dog puzzles on Chewy.com.

Celebrating Your Dog

Husky looking at a birthday cake

To hold a dog birthday party, or not to hold a dog birthday party? That isn’t the question. The question is- why haven’t you already held a doggy birthday party?! We can’t think of a more fun, silly, and tremendously adorable way to celebrate your pet. A birthday party encourages us to engage with our dog and really honor the companionship they bring to our lives. There are all kinds of dog ice cream, cakes, and cookies to choose from to indulge in. And, if a birthday party (or gotcha party) in the traditional sense isn’t your thing, we strongly suggest celebrating in another way. Maybe this looks like a special outing to their favorite hiking spot, or a special treat, or a photoshoot.

But, really, any way to bond with your pet any day of the year is something to celebrate.