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Person with hand on cat and food dish

Creating Joy at Home: Activities for pets & people

Give back to your animal friends by providing them with enriching activities that strengthen your bond.

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Cat standing outside next to a pumpkin

Dakin Alum Named Barn Cat of the Year

Sophie-Jane is a six-year-old cat with a lush gray coat, bewitching yellow eyes, and a job to do.  Every day.

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New adopter feeding rabbit lettuce

Cookie's Tale: From Loss to Joy

Cookie is a white and black-spotted Lionhead rabbit who endured a series of tough setbacks to end up in a very sweet spot.

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Group of kittens in holding kennel

Animal Superstitions - Fact or Fiction?

From fireside folklore to bedtime stories, tall tales about animals have been shared for centuries. Like every good urban legend, some details may change with each retelling.

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Dog in skeleton Halloween costume

Halloween Costume Ideas - For Pets!

Stumped on pet costume ideas? Try this spooktacular lineup of Halloween inspiration!

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Close up of senior cat with gold eyes

Katie's Journey Home

Staff favorite Katie spent all summer wishing for a home.  Some wishes do come true.

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Veterinarian hands examining young cat

The Wait for Veterinary Care - A Must-Read

Here’s what you need to know if you need to take your pet to the vet.

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Person holding cat by a window

Norma Couture: Guardian for Animals

Norma lives in Florida, but being part of the Guardian Society makes her feel more connected to Dakin than ever before.

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Staff members outside airport with luggage

Dakin Team Deployed to NOLA in Wake of Hurricane Ida

Dakin's team spent a week working alongside animal welfare professionals whose everyday reality is completely different from shelters in the northeast.

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Cat resting on fleece blanket

Life Happens — The Reality of Animal Surrender

When Vanessa experienced a financial hardship that forced her to move, she was immediately struck with a second painful realization.

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Staff member surprises two kids with new kitten

Local Kids Get Big Surprise During Donation Delivery

When Damian and Oren delivered donations to Dakin's Springfield Animal Resource Center, they had no idea what was about to happen next.

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People holding a kitten and a rabbit

The Fulfillment of Fostering

“Fostering isn’t always just snuggling and playing with adorable pets all day. In some cases, it’s also providing daily care, medications, driving to and from Dakin vet appointments, monitoring their food intake, weight, activity, and more.”

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Close up of newborn puppy

A Tiny Survivor

Yeich, an 18-month-old pit bull, was laboring and unable to deliver her pups.  Desperate, her people rushed her to Dakin’s Community Spay/Neuter Clinic where she was hurried into surgery for emergency surgery.

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People sitting with dog outside

Barks & Brews: Back Together

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, we're getting back together to throw our 6th annual dog party, Barks & Brews, at Fort Hill Brewery in Easthampton!

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Person with dog outside Dakin

Carmine DiCenso: Looking Back and Ahead

This month marks Carmine DiCenso's fifth year as Dakin Humane Society's Executive Director.

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Dog with veterinarian

Vet Vocab - Weird Words in Veterinary Science

What's a Trichobezoar? Has my pet ever had Ptyalism? Check out this list of strange veterinary terms that just make sense.

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Close up of dog with tongue out

A Community at Work: Helping Pablo

Pablo’s happy ending is one of many. And, thanks to your ongoing support, won’t be the last.

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Group of small kittens on stuffed animals

Kitten Street Team Works to Create a Safe Community for Feral Cats

Marie cares for a colony of feral cats in her neighborhood. She knows each one individually and loves them all. When she realized that her colony was expanding beyond what she could care for, she reached out to the Kitten Street Team for help.

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Dakin Joins in Massive Life-Saving Animal Transport

Despite the large number of animals we were caring for at Dakin, when we heard of an emergency at a shelter in Texas, we knew we needed to help.

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