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Dog and cat snuggling together

Preventing Pet Poisoning

March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month.  And we’ve got info to help keep your buddies safe.

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Beanie the kitten in a blue blanket

Beanie: Winter Survivor - What Happened Next

A group of kittens were living in the (mostly) enclosed underside of an outdoor staircase in frigid weather.  Kitten Street Team to the rescue!

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Person with puppy resting on shoulder

Safeguard Your Pet's Future With a Pet Trust

Creating a pet trust and emergency plan is an important step in ensuring our pets will receive uninterrupted care and comfort when we can no longer provide for them.

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Dakin Guinea Pig Enjoys Afternoon at Art Museum

It looks like Honey was respectful of the tiny “Please do not touch the display” sign.

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Person adjusting dog's collar

Dakin Assists with Emergency Dog Rescue in Vermont

It's likely these dogs have never known the comfort and safety of indoor living and have medical challenges ahead.

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Small kitten wearing pink knit beanie

Beanie: Winter Survivor - The Beginning

A group of kittens were living in the (mostly) enclosed underside of an outdoor staircase in frigid weather.  Kitten Street Team to the rescue!

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Person holding cat at the shelter

Reunited by Microchip

Cookie, an indoor cat, had slipped outside and gotten lost. After five months, her family had given up hope. Then, the phone rang.

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foster caregiver with young rat on their shoulder

Big Heroes for Little Buddies

Looking for an interesting friend to join your household for a little while?  You can help animals that need a little TLC before adoption by becoming a Dakin foster caregiver.

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Dog in the snow with his tongue out

Cold Weather Safety - Prep Your Pets

New Englanders have to take extra precautions when it comes to severe weather, especially those with companion animals.

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Betty White sitting with a large dog

Dakin Supporters Create Wave of Generosity for Betty White

Shortly after her passing, the “Betty White Challenge” swept rapidly across social media as so many of her admirers felt inspired to celebrate her upcoming birthday through a collective act of kindness toward animals.

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Two cats sharing a round bed

Life After Adoption - Keep Us in the Loop!

At Dakin, we have the privilege of witnessing the start of amazing friendships every time a shelter animal meets their new family, but the story doesn’t end there.

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People smiling at cat in shelter

The Real Cost Behind Adoption Fees

Companion animals deserve loving homes and any person who wants the joy of animal companionship in their life should have access to that option.

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Young child plays vet at school

Dakin Foster Transforms Preschool into Vet Center

One volunteer got creative and provided an enriching day for her foster pets and her students.

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Cats looking through window in shelter colony

Getting a Second Chance

We’ve got updates on special kitties who needed – and received – your help.

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People with thank you packages for staff

Humanics in Action: Giving Above & Beyond

Springfield College Students Show the Love for Animals...and People.

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White and grey cat in holding kennel

Living with Feline Leukemia: Jayden's Story

Jayden found his hero adopter at a time he needed them most.

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Elf on a shelf sitting on bags of cat food

Who is Tinkle the Wish List Elf?

It all started on a snowy December night in 2019 when we found a trail of glitter in our front lobby. We had no idea where it came from, but the next morning, it all became clear.

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Small brown dog on person's elbow

Pet-Friendly Housing and Assistance Animals

What are your rights as a renter with a service or emotional support animal?

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