What's Shakin' at Dakin

Dakin Humane Society Newsletter

Binx the cat

Binx’s person couldn’t care for him any longer and he needs a home. Because he’s shy and quiet, people usually don’t notice him on the adoption floor, so he’s waiting for his new person to find him.

When Kimberly decided to adopt a new kitty for Christmas, she looked at the photos on Dakin's "Adopt a Pet" web page, searching for one who would be perfect. And there she saw Nala, a two year old orange tabby who was blind and missing an eye.

“I love being an advocate for dogs, and I think some breeds are misunderstood, like pit bulls, bully breeds, Rottweilers and shepherds too. This is a team effort, and Dakin’s the lead, so I’m happy to back up their efforts,” says Dakin Volunteer Ann Hurlburt.