What's Shakin' at Dakin

Dakin Humane Society Newsletter

Step inside either our Springfield or Leverett Adoption Centers and you’ll see an unusually high number of cages with spinning wheels, cardboard tubes, tiny food dishes, water bottles and, yes, mice. We’ve got a record-high number of them right now.  So how did that happen?


What a difference six years makes. In 2010, Dakin welcomed 1,873 kittens.  The total number of kittens brought to us in 2016 was 1,270.  Why the reduction in kitten intake?

Barks & Brews 2017 was a "2 Paws Up" success! On Sunday, June 11 over 500 people (and LOTS of canines) gathered at Fort Hill Brewery in Easthampton to celebrate a day of fun in the sun with their best friends.

Feline Weight Watchers Patrick Bukowski and Celeste Nai in action

Dora, a gorgeous 11 year old tortoiseshell cat, came to Dakin earlier this year when her person passed away. She was scared and depressed by the loss of her companion and familiar environment until she met Dakin's Feline Weight Watchers team. 


Call her the rat whisperer. Although she loves all animals, Dakin Volunteer Kimber Bennett has a special affinity for Dakin’s “smalls.”


When Kay Gregory combined her love of animals with her creativity and generosity, the Dasiy* Candle became a reality.


When the news came that there were 59 guinea pigs who needed to be taken in for adoption, the Dakin team rose to the challenge to provide a second chance for these animals in need.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Kitten season is here, and so are our new Kitten Pharmacy Kits.

The race is on to stock the shelves for Nick's Nursery by Memorial Day.  Will you help tiny kittens fighting for their lives?  Here's how...


Thomasina has had a hard knock life, and it’s time for her to know love and companionship.


Sometimes when you’re low, the only way up is to lift others. Here’s a remarkable letter from a Dakin volunteer that will make your day.

Would you like to be a hero for a tiny kitten fighting for their life? Please help keep these critical supplies available for at-risk kittens.

Sure, you’ll find formula, bottles and blankets in this nursery.  You’ll also find some of Dakin’s tiniest – and most fragile – animals whose battle to live is made possible by staff and volunteers and because Dakin is fortunate enough to have committed, forward-thinking friends and community who help us re-open Nick’s Nursery year after year.


When Joe Smith, owner of Joe’s Junk Removal and More, responded to a recent call to clear out the home of an elderly woman who had passed away, he was in for a big surprise when he arrived at the house.



Jerry and Kittens

When Jerry Marchand held his beloved feline companion Little Bit as she was dying on July 23, 2010, he made her a promise: “Because of you other kitties will have a chance at living and finding a home.


With Easter coming soon, thoughts often turn to adopting a fuzzy and friendly bunny. However, did you know that – after cats and dogs – rabbits are the third most frequently surrendered animal to shelters?


Two days before Christmas, a bright-eyed, friendly pit bull mix named Kaline was brought to Dakin's Springfield Adoption Center. Her person was heartbroken as he explained to the staff that his own health issues had rendered him unable to care for her anymore. As upset as he was, the man knew he was doing the right thing by bringing her to Dakin.


This gentle soul was days, if not hours, away from death. His condition so delicate that even the slightest bit of extra food could shock his system and cause his organs to fail. When Merlyn, a 2 year old brown and white pitbull, arrived at Dakin his future looked bleak.


Their subjects prowl, scowl, bark, yawn and sometimes swat at them, yet they persevere…and produce incredible results. They’re Dakin’s volunteer photographers, people who use their impressive talent to make adoptions happen.