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Read how organizations work together to help animals.

Show your support for local restaurants and local companion animals!

The pandemic forced Dakin to make swift and significant changes to the way we operate. Over the last year, we noticed a big change in the animals we care for.

Keep your pets safe from flea and tick-borne illnesses this summer with regular check-ups and preventative care.

It’s natural for pet lovers to want to help an animal in need. Many people believe that if they see a cat outside who maybe even visits for meals every day, they need help. Usually, they don’t!

Check out our cheatsheet when it comes to your bud's best behavior at gatherings involving food.

What better way to answer this question than with a blog written by a dog? (His human helped, a little.)

The #ByMySide 31-Day Activity Challenge kicks off May 1, but registration is open now. How far will you go to help animals?

Peanut and his people got the big news during his recent visit to Clinic PLUS at Dakin's Springfield Animal Resource Center.

Sadie and her people were caught by surprise when it was time to pick her up from Dakin's Community Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Staying active and healthy in the face of a pandemic isn't easy. One volunteer turned to her cats for inspiration.

The Springfield City Council unanimously passed a proposed ban on the retail sale of domestic pets. The item will now move to the desk of Domenic Sarno, Springfield’s Mayor.

As the warm weather approaches, get to know common house plants and what types are safe around your pets.

Everyday shopping through AmazonSmile can have a big impact on the animals at Dakin Humane Society at no cost to you. Learn how you can help!

Keeping up with your pet's preventative healthcare as well as extra play and snuggle time has health benefits for pet parents, too.

Animals are less stressed, and people have better experiences.

In the face of a tragic loss, Ollie's family wants to help others in his name.

Despite the hardships and losses faced, so many of you showed love and compassion to animals who needed it.

April is Dakin's Pet Food Drive month.  Learn why this effort is so important and how you can contribute!