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Jerry and Kittens

When Jerry Marchand held his beloved feline companion Little Bit as she was dying on July 23, 2010, he made her a promise: “Because of you other kitties will have a chance at living and finding a home.


With Easter coming soon, thoughts often turn to adopting a fuzzy and friendly bunny. However, did you know that – after cats and dogs – rabbits are the third most frequently surrendered animal to shelters?


Two days before Christmas, a bright-eyed, friendly pit bull mix named Kaline was brought to Dakin's Springfield Adoption Center. Her person was heartbroken as he explained to the staff that his own health issues had rendered him unable to care for her anymore. As upset as he was, the man knew he was doing the right thing by bringing her to Dakin.


This gentle soul was days, if not hours, away from death. His condition so delicate that even the slightest bit of extra food could shock his system and cause his organs to fail. When Merlyn, a 2 year old brown and white pitbull, arrived at Dakin his future looked bleak.


Their subjects prowl, scowl, bark, yawn and sometimes swat at them, yet they persevere…and produce incredible results. They’re Dakin’s volunteer photographers, people who use their impressive talent to make adoptions happen.


Please join Dakin in asking legislators to help restore valuable information to monitor animal safety on the USDA’s web site.


Hera needs a hero. Is it you?  This sweet kitty is Feline Leukemia (FeLV)-positive and is 5 years old and came to Dakin when her caretaker passed away.  She would be grateful for a cozy home, a sunny windowsill and your love. 

Find out more about FeLV and Hera

“Eighty percent of Steve Lewis Subaru clients are pet parents. We are a pet friendly dealership, so we are very lucky to see many of our four-legged customers each day,” says Project Manager Tracy Stearns of Steve Lewis Subaru.


Volunteer Spotlight

Two ladies with a passion for antiques and animals created one of Dakin’s most dynamic enterprises; the Diamonds in the Ruff Thrift Shoppe. Incredibly, their devotion has generated more than $243,000 for animals and community programs at Dakin.

With six children and three cats, any family would appreciate an opportunity to curb expenses. When they visited Dakin’s Community Spay/Neuter Clinic recently, this one got a chance to do just that.


Uninterested in cozy indoor life, barn cats thrive in the outdoors, and have a job to do; taking out the rodent population in the barns, stables, garages, warehouses or outbuildings in which they live.

Binx’s person couldn’t care for him any longer and he needs a home. Because he’s shy and quiet, people usually don’t notice him on the adoption floor, so he’s waiting for his new person to find him.

When Kimberly decided to adopt a new kitty for Christmas, she looked at the photos on Dakin's "Adopt a Pet" web page, searching for one who would be perfect. And there she saw Nala, a two year old orange tabby who was blind and missing an eye.

“I love being an advocate for dogs, and I think some breeds are misunderstood, like pit bulls, bully breeds, Rottweilers and shepherds too. This is a team effort, and Dakin’s the lead, so I’m happy to back up their efforts,” says Dakin Volunteer Ann Hurlburt.