Zoe Gives Back

Last winter, we told you about Zoe, a two-year-old pit bull who had been rushed to Dakin’s Community Spay/Neuter Clinic for emergency surgery to treat a dangerous uterine infection (pyometra), pneumonia, and sepsis. Zoe pulled through and a lot has happened for her since.  We received a heartwarming update from her person not long ago:

“You saved this life a few months ago.  I am proud to say that Zoe has recovered, is thriving, and has been certified as an emotional support dog.  She still has - and uses - the blanket you guys gave her.”

When Zoe arrived at Dakin, she was in very rough shape, but our medical team went to great lengths to save her.  We’re thrilled that Zoe has found a new calling as an emotional support dog, which isn’t surprising given her very sweet and gentle nature.  In less than a year she went from being in need of intensive care to being the one to give care to another.  Congrats, Zoe, on “pawing” it forward!

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