Your Gift's Impact: Doubled

Slayer and Boots are two female black and white cats with expressive eyes and pink noses. Their person also had intact males in their house and didn’t want Slayer and Boots to have kittens. They knew to turn to Dakin for help with spay surgery, and we were able to provide Slayer and Boots with the care they needed to stay safe and happy at home.

Unexpected litters of kittens can create undue stress for a family that is not prepared to care for them or afford the expense involved. In feral cat colonies, unexpected litters usually involve pain and suffering, as nearly 90% of feral kittens don’t survive their first year due to the hardships and dangers of outdoor living. Dakin’s all-volunteer Kitten Street Team works hard to humanely trap feral adults and kittens, then bring them to Dakin for spay/neuter surgery.

You can do something to help curb animal overpopulation in our community. The Mastroianni Foundation has generously offered to match, 1-for-1, all donations to support spay/neuter efforts through May 31 (or up to $10,000)! Any gift you make to Dakin’s Spay/Neuter Fund will be doubled, which makes your gift go twice as far in helping animals. You’ll be able to make spay/neuter surgeries accessible for family pets like Slayer and Boots and keep them with the people who love them, limit the needless suffering of animals born outside, and prevent animal overpopulation in our region.

Your gift also supports our Moms Fixed Free (MFF) program, which helps people with cats or dogs faced with an unexpected litter. Once the kittens or puppies are eight weeks old, Dakin will provide spay surgery and vaccines for rabies and distemper for the mom and return her to her family, free of charge. The little ones receive vaccines and spay/neuter surgery, then become available for adoption through Dakin.

The warm weather is here, and breeding cycles will accelerate for dogs and cats. This puts a significant strain on animal shelters across New England to manage those animals. We will see lots more pets coming to Dakin that need our help. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make your gift go twice as far to help keep animals healthy and control animal overpopulation

A special thanks to the Mastroianni Foundation for making this matching gift opportunity possible.

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