Why Being a Guardian Donor Matters

Pam, Read and their dog, Maisie

Pam Predmore has always loved animals, especially dogs.  From her first childhood pet (“Jeff, a big old collie with a bent nose”) to her current year-old Catahoula hound Maisie (“She races around banking off the backyard fencing”), Pam has been a lifelong advocate for the health and welfare of animals.  

She has also been a significant Dakin supporter, as a volunteer for 20 years, and a monthly Guardian donor (with her husband, Read) for the past six.  Pam volunteered at our Leverett location barely a year after it opened, doing laundry, washing kennels and – despite cat allergies – washing litter pans, and food and water bowls.  “Doing laundry was tough,” she recalled.  “We used washers and dryers that were donated, but they'd be so old they wouldn't last long. When they broke down, I'd haul things to the local laundromat.”

Pam and Read's desire to become Guardian Society members was inspired by the wide range of programs and services they were interested in helping.  “Because I'm a dog person, the Buddy Fund resonated,” she said.  “Adoption is so important, as is the Community Spay/Neuter Clinic.  We wanted to be supportive of the work that Dakin continues to do, from Day One until now.  It's so important.”

For those considering becoming a monthly Guardian donor, Pam's advice is to “think about how much these animals need us, and how such a little amount each month can make a big difference to them.”

She stated, “The animals have no control over what happens to them, so we need to make sure they're safe, fed, cared for and loved.  That's why I continue as a Guardian, I want to be part of that; making sure we're helping them.  I can't take them all home, but at least I'm helping them find the way home.”

Dakin is looking for 25 new Guardian Society members by July 28.  Please join us by clicking here.  Be a Guardian for animals...today and every day.

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