Who is Tinkle the Wish List Elf?

It all started on a snowy December night in 2019 when we found a trail of glitter in our front lobby. We had no idea where it came from, but the next morning, it all became clear.

An Elf straight from the North Pole had landed at Dakin! Through the notes he left us, he introduced himself as Tinkle, and he wasn’t just any elf.

Tinkle is a Wish List Elf. These elves have special training but are known to be clumsy and forgetful. He spends his nights sneaking around the shelter to determine what supplies we’re low on so he can help us provide the best care for our animals.

While Tinkle’s intentions are always pure, he sometimes gets himself into trouble.

He takes his job very seriously.

He’s even taken the time to learn more about veterinary medicine with our technicians, in a rare elf-human interaction.

Every year, Tinkle returns to Dakin to help us restock our supply shelves for the year ahead. This year, Tinkle recognizes supply chain issues and will do his best to keep our wish lists updated. But, with your help and a little elf magic, anything is possible.

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