Where Are They Now?

When pets come to Dakin, they receive lots of love, care and attention.  Our staff and volunteers often form unforgettable bonds with them through medical or behavioral treatments, playtime, mealtime…anytime!  We wonder when they’ll find their adoptive family, and how their lives will turn out.  Occasionally, adopters are kind enough to send us photos and updates, which we love receiving and sometimes share on social media (feel free to send your photos and updates to updates@dakinhumane.org). Looks like these four pets are livin’ large!

Smith's Sweet Setup

Gracie wrote:  "I wanted to show you guys Kion (now named Smith) on his first week at home. We adopted him last Thursday and man do we love this little guy. We are so lucky we were able to adopt him!! Smith loves to sleep & cuddle with me, his sister, and he loves going on walks with his mama! He got to meet one of his two human brothers and his human brother fell in love with him. He is the perfect fit for us and we can’t thank you guys enough!"

When Leo Met Louie

We got this photo and email from Noreen:  "I adopted an orange spirit kitten named Ford.  I already had a 6-year- old orange boy named Leo.  I renamed Ford ‘Louie.’  When Leo and Louie met, it was love at first sight.  Leo washes Louie and they cuddle and play constantly.  Little Louie is fully integrated into our household and he is growing and thriving. Just wanted to share our happy news.  Here is a pic of the two orange boys cuddling.  Thank you for all you do!"

Rabbit: 1 Cats: 0

Gabrielle shared this news:  "I adopted Gracie (formerly Rosie) in 2018 when I was 18. Gracie rules the house - even over her cat siblings. She’s sassy and loves cuddles and is spoiled beyond belief. She has been a great sidekick to figure out adulthood with. Over the last year, I discovered she absolutely loves hanging out in a baby swaddle, of all places! She also enjoys fighting the vacuum cleaner and is a master at bun-struction. She just turned 5 this week but still zooms and binkies all over the place. So grateful I found this sweet girl!"

Sent with Love from Sunny

We got this message from Allie: “I would like to share an adoption update on Daisy. We had recently, suddenly, lost our beloved older girl Sunny. And we had NO intentions of adopting another cat any time soon (we still have 2 other cats). One day, scrolling through Facebook, Daisy's photo came up on my page. I INSTANTLY knew she belonged with us. I sent her picture to my husband, and his only response was ‘Yes!’ We were drawn to her. I could see Sunny in her.

We had a rough start…a shy/hiding-a-lot start…but she is slowly coming out of her shell and being more comfortable with us. She's living her best life, the rest of her life, with us and I’m so glad and thankful!

She was definitely sent by our Sunny.”

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