What Do License Plates Have to Do With Helping Animals?

In Massachusetts, a lot.

When Jennifer hit a financial snag but needed Ava, her pitbull spayed, she reached out to Dakin.

Thankfully, we were able to rely on a grant we received from the Massachusetts Animal Coalition. The MAC is a program that supports statewide spay/neuter efforts for dogs, cats, and rabbits. To accomplish this, MAC is able to provide grant funding to organizations offering spay/neuter services to families in need thanks to the ongoing purchase and renewal of Massachusetts “I’m Animal Friendly” license plates.

Jennifer told us, “Ava makes me happy and she’s a huge support system. I knew she was in good hands at Dakin.”

MAC distributes funds raised through sales of the license plate to nonprofit animal shelters, rescue groups, and municipal animal control agencies across Massachusetts. Through this grant, MAC is helping Dakin keep pets and people together, where they belong.

"You don’t understand how much MAC has helped me by helping Ava” Jennifer said. “She means everything to me, and I’d give up anything for her.  I’m a single mom with a minor at home, plus an adult child with their own baby, and Ava is a special part of our family.  MAC’s help is so incredible, and I’m so grateful for it."

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