We're All Ears!

by Lee Chambers


What’s Up, Doc?

Californian, Havana Lop Eared, Mini Rex English Spotted…we love all rabbits.  They’re ear-resistible!

Easter may have come and gone, but Dakin still has some wonderful rabbits who are waiting to put their feet up in a new home.  There are lots of advantages to having rabbits as pets, here are just a few:

  • You can litterbox train a rabbit pretty easily. Provide them with a box and put hay in it…they’ll know what to do!  A litterbox trained rabbit makes cage cleanup time go by much quicker, and being naturally neat, they’re happy to comply
  • Rabbits are neat by nature and groom themselves more than cats
  • They are renowned for being pretty smart and rabbits will bond strongly with their person or people in their family
  • Rabbits LOVE some time outside their cage every day. They will scamper around and kick their heels up (literally).  This is called a “binkie,” when they joyously jump into the air and twist themselves into any number of acrobatic feats 
  • These pets love to play games that include running (especially through a series of tunnels) and tossing small toys into the air

You’ll have the most fun with your rabbit when they’re able to come outside of their cage for a little fun time every day.  Be sure that they’re in a small room and that they’re being supervised carefully.  Keep an eye on your computer cords and electrical wires…bunnies are chewers, after all!  You can even introduce them to resident cats or dogs during their cage-free time, but be very careful to introduce one pet at a time, and slowly.  After all, rabbits are prey animals, and your other pets may have a strong prey drive.  You don’t want to endanger your bunny if your other pets want to stalk and harm him.

Be sure to have a solid-bottomed cage for your bun.  Wire bottomed cages can cut into their feet, which could cause infections.  We recommend large metal dog crates and/or x-pens.  The minimum requirement for enclosed spaces would be 8 square feet for 1-2 rabbits. 

It’s important to keep rabbits inside all year round.  There are too many predators in even the most urban and suburban backyards these days, plus you’ll want to protect your rabbit from temperature extremes, which New England is famous for!

Every rabbit deserves a hoppy ending.  Visit our Adoption Centers and talk to our adoption counselors about bringing one (or two!) of these special pets home with you.  In the meantime, take a look at this video and catch them in action.

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