We Want to be Your "Best Of"

by Lee Chambers

Dakin Nation, in the past you have given us the honor of winning the top spot in the Valley Advocate’s “Best Of” readers’ poll, and we hope to capture the #1 spot in 2019!

Cast your vote before January 31 by visiting their ballot site and showing the love by naming Dakin in the following categories:

  1. Best Non-Profit (please nominate “Dakin Humane Society”)
  2. Best Charity Event (please nominate “Barks & Brews/Dakin Humane”)
  3. Best Place for Dog Training (please nominate “Dakin Humane Society”)

Winning readers’ polls like this is very important to our organization, as it reinforces the incredible work done by our volunteers and staff.  It underscores our mission to deliver effective, innovative services that improve the lives of animals in need and the people who care about them.  There are always new arrivals to our region, or people who now have an animal in their life and need our services.  We want them to know that we’ll be happy to offer help and support!

You must submit names in at least 10 categories for your ballot to count, and when you submit it, you’ll get an email from CROWDSIGNAL which you must open and confirm to activate your ballot.

Please take a moment to vote.  As always, thanks for your support!

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