Truth in Advertising: Shady Sadie

Adopting a cat can be an opportunity to bring a fluffy bundle of joy into your life. But, as Sadie demonstrates, it's important to consider personality and behavior needs before adopting.

Sadie, with a strikingly beautiful appearance, is bound to catch the eye of many potential adopters. But, finding the right match for her personality and quirks is important to her successful transition with an adoptive family.

With this in mind, Mary Jane, Veterinary Services Manager at Dakin brought Sadie home into foster care to learn more about her and to help adopters understand what living with Sadie would be like. This led Mary Jane to film a video, titled, "Sadie's Rulebook" where she highlights Sadie's household demands and personality quirks. The video begins with an introduction to Sadie, the gorgeous blue-eyed cat as she plays and pounces with a wand toy. MJ explains "Sadie was my office cat until no one could go in and feed her."

Rule #1-  Make sure she has high places to perch! Mary Jane learned quickly that Sadie feels most comfortable up high. In her video, MJ adds some tips and tricks for coaxing her down, since Sadie prefers not to be bothered when having her quiet time in her perch.

Rule #2- Exercise her... a LOT! "The best way to do this is by using a tool called structured play. Essentially, little play sessions that are about 10-15 minutes long, 2-3 times a day using interactive toys" Mary Jane describes. This can help keep her out of trouble by reducing stress.

Rule #3- Only pet her when she's ready. Mary Jane adds "What she prefers is to be pet on the neck and shoulders, but only when she's faced away from you."

In the end, it's about having realistic expectations of your new cat. Mary Jane continues "It's true, she's never going to be a lap cat. But, in the right home she can really thrive and be a lot of fun to be around". This will help ensure a long and happy relationship between you and your new companion.

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