Top 10 Reasons That Rats Make Great Pets

by Lee Chambers


Did you know that pet rats are truly domesticated animals?  Domestic rats are as different from wild rats as dogs are from wolves.  They are extremely social and personable animals that bond to their humans.  Some rats are more intelligent than cats and dogs.  Here are 10 reasons why rats make great pets:

1)  They’re small and easy to care for, and they live nicely in a caged environment

2)  Rats rarely bite, so they are a great first pet for children

3)  Talk about smart! They can learn tricks like sit, fetch and jump through hoops

4)  Rats will learn their names and come to you when called

5)  They love to be petted

6)  Tug-o-war, hide-n-seek and peek-a-boo are among their favorite games

7)  Rats have lots of personality, so they become great companions

8)  More than one from the same litter will be wonderful playmates for each other

9)  They’re easy to feed – they like grains, seeds, fruits and veggies

10)  Rats are very clean and they groom themselves

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