Tips for a Pet-Safe 4th of July

Is there a 4th of July celebration in the works for you? Maybe a cookout, a day by the water, or checking out your local fireworks display? While you’re making these plans for yourself and your family, take some time to think about your pet’s safety.

If you are hosting a cookout:

  • Keep pets in a confined space (cats indoors, if dogs are mingling, tell your guests NOT to feed them)
  • Most “people food” and drinks at cookouts are no good for pets
  • Tie up garbage securely.  Don't turn your back on a dog near human food, especially cooked bones
  • Always watch interactions between animals and guests' children
  • Keep an eye on guests coming and going so no pets slip out the door or gate
  • Don’t put insect repellant or sunscreen on them that isn’t specifically for pets
  • Keep pets away from citronella-based oils, candles, and insect coils, which have toxins that can cause severe respiratory illnesses in animals

If your dog is heading for water:

  • Never leave them unsupervised in pools or other bodies of water; not all dogs are good swimmers
  • Outfit dogs with flotation devices on boats
  • Rinse dogs off after swimming to remove chlorine or salt from their fur

If fireworks are in your future:

  • NEVER take your pet to a 4th of July fireworks event. The noises really hurt their ears and dogs will often bolt out of fear of the loud noises and become lost
  • Keep pets at home in a quiet room with window shades down, and music playing softly to soothe them and help drown out some of the booms
  • If they've got a thunder shirt, put it on them that night
  • Check to be sure that your pets have ID tags and that you have updated microchip contact information in case neighborhood fireworks/firecrackers startle your pet and you become separated

Keep your bestie in your sight and make sure they’re having fun…and staying safe!

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