The Shift in Thrift

Home Again, the thrift shop at Dakin, recently refocused its merchandise to feature pet-related items only. The shop, which opened shortly after Dakin moved into its Springfield location in 2009, had previously offered an array of non-pet items including glassware, gifts, home décor, appliances, jewelry, and much more, as well as pet items.

Until recently, the shop’s goods were displayed throughout the atrium as well as inside the enclosed shop space. Pet items will now be found inside the shop.

The decision to repurpose the atrium stemmed from an ever-increasing need for space within the building to accommodate the growing demand for Dakin’s services and programs to help animals. For example, the Pet Health Center, located adjacent to the thrift shop, has added a second medical team to treat its growing clientele, and there will likely be a need to utilize the atrium to expand the waiting area.

According to Dakin’s Executive Director Meg Talbert, “While we have reduced the variety of thrift items available, we will continue to sell pet items. Having a pet-related thrift shop keeps Dakin mission-centric, as it serves not only our Saturday customers, but also clients at the Pet Health Center, and adopters who may need to grab a few items to help their pets settle into their new homes. Being able to provide pet essentials – as well as treats and toys – at affordable prices is important to us.”

The thrift shop will continue to operate on Saturdays from 12:30 pm to 3 p.m., offering new or gently used items for pets at significantly discounted prices. Merchandise includes leashes, collars, harnesses, beds, crates, carriers, sweaters and coats, bowls, treats, toys, and small animal care items. For more information about the thrift shop, or what items we will continue to accept for shelter use, please click here.

Meg added, “The thrift shop is one of Dakin’s most successful programs, thanks to a very dedicated team of volunteers who put in countless hours running the shop. They donate their time, and since the merchandise is also donated, proceeds from all sales go directly towards helping Dakin animals and services. We are grateful for their dedication.”

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