The First Look Inside Clinic PLUS at Dakin

by Lee Chambers

Dakin’s Curbside Vaccine Clinic was recently expanded to include treatment packages for a limited number of common pet health issues. This new program, Clinic PLUS, is serving cats and dogs by appointment only at Dakin’s Springfield Animal Resource Center.

The goal of this program is to offer an expanded resource for people seeking non-emergency care for their pets, who may be experiencing ear infections, skin allergies, a torn nail, limping, and more. Through these challenging times, Dakin continues to work to serve our community of pets and people with innovative programs and services designed to keep families together.

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be met by one of our Veterinary Technicians, curbside. To maintain appropriate social distancing, pet parents are asked to wait outside while their pet has their appointment with the veterinarian. Our team will discuss your concerns and collect information about your pet prior to seeing the doctor.

Dakin’s Clinic PLUS is not a full-service or emergency veterinary clinic. Currently, our Clinic PLUS team is seeing patients for the following medical issues:

Ear Infections
Skin Allergies
Itchy Skin
Eye Issues
Minor cuts, bites, and wounds
Torn nail or embedded nail
Nasal Discharge
Upper Respiratory Infections
Sedation medication (grooming, thunderstorms)

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